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Cybersecurity and Privacy Platform for Smartphones

Your privacy is your right

Ever wondered how much of your mobile data and personal information is being shared or sold to various organisations and governments? Sadly, more than you’d want!  If your profession places you at increased risk of cyber-attack, intercepted communications, data breaches or geo-tracking that may jeopardise your work or personal safety, then we have the solution for you.
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Cell Guard is the first company of its kind offering an award-winning encrypted phone with its own O.S and a multilayered internal encrypted communication platform consisting of various modules including a NATO approved chat, secure cloud and call (voip) service covered by its own threat detection centre.

Depending on what clients require, our modular platform can be built to fit the needs of government institutions, businesses and private clients that are concerned about their security when using their mobile phone.

Peace-of-mind, in your pocket

A device that offers three-sixty-degree protection against the most advanced threats, no matter who you are or where you go so you can tweet, make online payments or have that secure video call without the anxiety of being spied on. Say and send anything you want, securely.

Rock-solid and secure

Mobile security re-imagined from the ground-up – no loopholes, cracks or crevices – just 100% cyber-secure.

Guaranteed privacy

Calls, chats, documents – military-grade encryption and zero data stored in the cloud or on our servers ensures that whatever you do, it stays private.

24/7 personal protection

Bridging digital and physical worlds, a device to keep you safe and protected beyond the screen.

Explore our chain of secure apps

Cell Guard offers an in house secure app store for it’s users with +200 secure apps to choose from and if your favorite app is not included we try our best to upload a secure version.

putting the ‘smart’ in smartphone

Revolutionary solutions need a radical approach. Cell Guard has been engineered to be the most ultra-secure smartphone on the market, without sacrificing usability.

Secure system architecture

A custom-built OS and three-layer security approach guarantees protection against any cyber threat from kernel level upwards – including jailbreak prevention, malware protection and more.

Encrypted communications

At the heart of every device lies Communicator – our secure app that provides complete peace-of-mind for video or voice calls, chat, document transfer and contact management.

Intelligent threat detection

In-built anti-location, anti-interception and anti-hacking features provide full anonymity and protection against advanced zero-day exploits that could otherwise turn your smartphone against you.

App solutions you can trust

An exclusive growing store with +200 apps means that you don’t need to sacrifice your preferred apps for the sake of security. Every app you download would have been rigorously tested and verified by us.

Enterprise Security Solutions

Are you sure your communications and data are safe from greedy hackers and corporate espionage? We take mobile security to a whole new level and offer various solutions.

Encrypted Smartphone  –  Communicator App –  Secure Platform

Protect yourself. Implement on premises or in a private network and operate your business with confidence.

Don't just take our word for it

Revolutionary solutions need a radical approach. Cell Guard has been engineered to be the most ultra-secure smartphone on the market, without sacrificing usability.