A vision fit
for today,
and tomorrow

In a world where the concept of privacy has been lost, we’re redrawing
the battle lines and reclaiming confidentiality with a new generation of
secure smartphones built to safeguard against every conceivable threat.

Blending expertise, technology and trust

Cell Guard was born out of the recognition that a bold new approach to data and personal security is needed. In today’s rapidly changing landscape, smartphones bring unforeseen risk – with communications and whereabouts under constant surveillance and attack, traditional approaches simply aren’t enough to withstand these evolving threats.

At Cell Guard we don’t just focus on the security of your data and information, but your personal security as well. By drawing on our combined experience of the defence, security and cyber-security markets we are able to help regain and maintain normality, keeping communications secure and individuals safe amidst an increasingly hostile environment.

Cell Guard is a secure communications company offering mobile devices, software applications, and communication management services.

Unrivalled expertise

Our unique ability to draw on decades of world-leading experience in security, cyber-security and the defence industry, allows us to anticipate and thwart hostile activity.

Cell Guard Technologies is based in Mayfair, London where our general operations take place, including the sales and customer service divisions. We are supported by a cutting-edge facility in Warsaw, Poland where a dedicated R&D team comprising of developers, coders and forensic experts who develop our phones and software.

Leading-edge technology

A ground-up software-focused approach ensures our devices constantly evolve to stay at the forefront of mobile security – always protected and always secure.

At the heart of every Cell Guard smartphone lies our own bespoke Android based OS and NATO-approved, military-grade encryption. A secure software that is completely customisable to any requirement and has proven real-world success with thousands of law enforcement officers.

Trusted and independent

We are completely independent. Where many secure phone providers sell their data to governments or even install spyware on their devices, we provide a full source code audit review of the operating system and applications for our customers.

This is one way we give our clients peace of mind with complete transparency. Without any back-door policy our clients have the ability to create their own infrastructure.

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in-house security and cyber-security experts

Bespoke OS and



+ 1000

law enforcement officers worldwide

World-class facilities and talent

Located in Poland, our 3002m purpose-built IT forensics lab allows us to emulate cyber attacks and malware and carry out hundreds of hours of multi-layer security testing – resulting in next-generation mobile security and real-time device protection from the latest known and unknown threats.

Listening to customers, our industry experts have an in-depth understanding of their unique challenges and concerns, customising our solutions to meet individual needs and risk profiles. We are able to work alongside security teams and other professionals to seamlessly integrate Cell Guard into existing corporate or government IT and security infrastructures. Unlike other providers, we are completely transparent – providing a full description of security measures, risk analysis and attack vector descriptions.


Revolutionary solutions need a radical approach. Cell Guard has been engineered to be the most ultra-secure smartphone on the market, without sacrificing usability.