Secure calls
& chats

Total peace of mind with all your calls, messages and communications in one military-grade app.

Communication that stays private

Keep prying eyes out with Communicator – a purpose-built secure communications app – NATO certified and used by over 3000 law enforcement officers.

Easy to use, it offers all the functionality of other, less secure IM apps. No data is processed or held in the cloud, meaning the privacy of your information is never compromised. All stored and transmitted data is end-to-end encrypted, removing the possibility of inception or attack.

Secure voice, conference and video calls

Text and multimedia messaging

Group chats

Expiring messages


Live streaming/video

File exchange

Private internal address book

Snapshot and real-time location sharing

Lock with app passcode

Privacy settings for notifications

Panic Button

The Communicator app is also available for other devices – whether Android or Apple – providing confidence that your information is secure when communicating with non-Cell Guard users.


Revolutionary solutions need a radical approach. Cell Guard has been engineered to be the most ultra-secure smartphone on the market, without sacrificing usability.