CG Solutions

Surround yourself in 360° security

The mobile privacy and security platform comes with a secure chat, voip and cloud service only available to Cell Guard users.

When buying a Cell Guard phone, you have direct access to the most important apps for daily use ensuring you do not stay away from your daily habits simply because you finally prioritised a totally safe and secure mobile device.

Our R&D team in Poland are constantly working round the clock on other software applications to make your life easier and protect you against hacking, data collection, spyware and other entities with malicious intentions. Our software apps are only available when buying a Cell Guard Secure Phone and come ready installed when purchasing a Cell Guard Ultra Secure Smartphone.

Download your favorite apps

Most people get their apps from Google and Apple play stores even though this may not always be possible. This might be because Google Play is blocked or censored within their country. However, in general, the main concern when downloading apps from these stores is that you will never be aware of all the safety risks that may jeopardize your device after downloading any app. 

Cell Guard has its own app distribution store where our own in house developed apps can be downloaded. In case a certain app is not available in our app store, our team will do its best to make it secure for our users and available to be downloaded. 

The CG App Store is already downloaded on your encrypted smartphone and ready to use.

Worldwide calling over VOIP

Simply put, enjoy calling any number, to any country for as long as you want. You pay the subscription fee once a month, and enjoy all the benefits of the chosen plan, without worrying about unexpected expenses.

Another benefit with CG SIM is that you’ll be able to add local numbers for more than 90 countries for incoming calls. This is in addition to the U.S. number you’re already receiving with your subscription. With this feature, your contacts can call you on local numbers at local rates. 

Activating this technology is simple: the CG Call app is already downloaded on your CG Phone and ready to use.

Secure call and chat service

Total peace of mind with all your calls, messages, and communications in our military grade NATO-approved communicator app. Type, talk and send anything you want with complete peace of mind. No user data is stored on our servers. Easy to use, no data is processed or held in the cloud, meaning the privacy of your information is never compromised. All stored and transmitted data is end-to-end encrypted, removing the possibility of inception or attack.

Activating this technology is simple: the CG Communicator app is already downloaded on your CG Phone and ready to use.

Virtual cloud on-the-go

Our R&D team created a storage facility in the cloud for mobile phone providing full coverage to create a safe environment to store your most important documents and content on a Swiss server. Only you and nobody else can access your content on our cloud by using voice and facial recognition technology.

Activating this technology is simple: the CG Cloud app is already downloaded on your CG Phone and ready to use.

Mobile spyware and malware detection

In six simple steps, Hack Check Now enables you to see if your smartphone is being monitored by malicious spyware or tracking software so that you can make sure that your private conversations, photos, videos and documents are not being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

Check for more information on to learn how to activate CG Protect.