A solution for
every requirement

We recognise that the needs of different customers vary dramatically. From individuals looking to safeguard their information through to SMEs and global organisations seeking to mitigate their risk and protect their data. For every challenge there is a Cell Guard solution to overcome it.

Keep individuals safe and communications secure

Whether in the spotlight through celebrity status, a high-profile occupation or financial worth, a growing group of individuals are at increased risk of identity theft, privacy violation, financial loss, reputational damage or even physical harm.

Cell Guard is designed to protect you, and those you care about, against all of these threats – talk to us today.


Reduce risk whilst safeguarding your business and employees

Within corporate networks, smartphones elude established cyber security measures, as well as risk analysis and countermeasures. With this comes the increased possibility of cyber attack, reputational harm or corporate espionage.

Financial institutions, critical national infrastructure and law firms are amongst those who come to us to help protect their corporate data and mitigate risk.


Protect national interests against any threat

Drawing on extensive defence experience we are able to work with governments, officials and security services to offer bespoke tailored OS packages for smartphones and existing hardware that form part of a comprehensive cyber security strategy.



Revolutionary solutions need a radical approach. Cell Guard has been engineered to be the most ultra-secure smartphone on the market, without sacrificing usability.