Encrypted Smartphone

A cutting-edge mobile and software combination powered by military-grade technology to protect against any threat.

Cell Guard defies all preconceptions of a smartphone. We’ve demolished the norm and rebuilt it from the ground up, incorporating never-seen-before levels of security, encryption and safety. 

Designed for today, and tomorrow – by bringing together security and usability and putting everything you need at your fingertips, you can focus on doing more of what you do, with total confidence.

Always-on features, because life never stops

Inside every Cell Guard handset lies a breadth of features so big it’ll leave you wondering how we packed them all in.

Multi-layered protection at its heart

Three layers of industry-leading security know-how make this one of the
most secure smartphones on the planet.

Application layer

• Encryption across all communication
• Customised app store with reviewed and filtered apps Sandbox application containers, malware protection

OS Layer

• Encrypted file system
• ASLR, bionic & allocator hardening
• Device attestation, jailbreak detection
• User-friendly google pixel running a bespoke hardened OS at kernel level

Anonymity level

• Deep packet inspection
• WIFI probe request blocker
• Private VPN tunnel and Tor protection
• Protected metadata with no Exit data or location tags
• Randomised hostname, MAC address and IMEI every time a CG device is rebooted

Threat detection and mitigation built-in

Nowadays it’s not enough to simply secure and protect your data – individuals are looking to detect and monitor real-world threats to their safety and reduce personal risk. Fortunately, Cell Guard can be configured with a number of personal security measures for complete peace-of-mind.


Personal safety features:

Panic Button

Software microphone and camera kill-switch

Anti-geo-location tracking to  safeguard against stalking or kidnap

Anti-hacking features

Tamper detection

Shredder functions

Bring your own apps

Being secure doesn’t mean missing out – the Cell Guard app store is installed on every device. This provides access to a growing number of apps that have been cleaned and approved by our cyber-forensics experts. Every app in the repository undergoes stringent and rigorous testing, ensuring your privacy and security is never compromised. Additionally, customers can select their own apps from Google Play and our experts will provide secure versions for use.

What's in the box

Cell Guard secure phone

Personal introductory letter

Brochure incl. secure communication guide and instructions

Emergency card with your serial number and support contact 

Secure power bank and premium Bluetooth headset

Charger and cables

Round the Clock support

When you purchase a Cell Guard smartphone you also gain access to our highly skilled customer support team who are always on-hand to resolve any of your queries or concerns.

In-house technical support team with guaranteed response 24/7

Full 2 year hardware warranty

In the event of a fault or damage a replacement handset will be dispatched the same day

Online training for private and corporate clients including a secure communication workshop

Customisation and installation of bespoke apps

Comparison chart

Country of origin
24/7 technical support
Nato certification
Embedded secure messenger/video
3rd party Android apps
Always on VPN
Google Services / Google Play
Banking apps available
Phisical Device Security
2 Factor authentication
Panic button
SIM Lock
Secure Backup Kill switch (wipe of the phone)
Sensor switch
Hacking prevention (Minimum attack surface)
Phishing protection
Sensor management
App store and validation
Malware permission management
SMS/MMS screening
Hacking detection (Malware detection)
MAC Sniffer
Deep Packet Inspection
IP traffic detection Baseband
Baseband Firewall (Radio Protection)
Collaboration exchange data

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Revolutionary solutions need a radical approach. Cell Guard has been engineered to be the most ultra-secure smartphone on the market, without sacrificing usability.